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My blog lives elsewhere...

Like it says, my blog lives elsewhere.
My LJ account exists for the sole purpose of joining LJ communities
--mostly of the fanfic variety.
a beautiful mind, amber spyglass, anime, astronomy, aubrey/maturin series, avatar, babylon 5, battlestar galactica, bowling for soup, brat-halla, catholicism, coldplay, coloring, crusade, daniel bedingfield, dark angel, darren hayes, david arkenstone, dead like me, dead poets' society, debussy, deviantart, devices & desires, diana preston, dido, dinosaur comics, discworld, dissent the gemina heirloom, doctor who, dresden files, e.s. posthumus, ender's game, evanescence, evil for evil, exiern, fanfic, fanfiction, farscape, finding forrester, firefly, flute, fuzz academy, girl genius, girl scouts, glass hammer, golden compass, gormenghast, grad school, graduate school, harry potter, heroes, hetalia, hikaru no go, his dark materials, historical non-fiction, homestar runner, horatio hornblower, icons, indiana jones, invader zim, j.r.r. tolkien, jack aubrey, jars of clay, jonathan strange, k-pax, king kong, latin, library war, lord of the rings, lords of the rhymes, magical trevor, manga, master & commander, michael stackpole, movie soundtracks, mr. norell, mushishi, myst, myst games, myst novels, mythbusters, napping, naps, narnia, nasa, o.a.r, october sky, oops nevermind, open clusters, orson scott card, p.o.d, patrick o'brian, percy grainger, peter david, phd comics, piled higher and deeper, planetary science, ralph vaughan williams, reading, red vs. blue, redvsblue, roman catholicism, rome, savage garden, sci-fi, sci-fi's dune, science fiction, scifi, seaquest, series of unfortunate events, sga, sherlock holmes, silmarillion, sir apropos of nothing, space, spqr, spqr blues, star trek, star trek: new frontier, star wars, stargate, stargate atlantis, steampunk, stephen maturin, sting, subtle knife, tales of the otori, temeraire, tennis, terry pratchett, the engineer trilogy, the escapement, the postal service, the pretender, the screwtape letters, timothy zahn, torchwood, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, webcomics, weregeek, wizard of oz, wizard of oz series, writing, x-files, xkcd, young sherlock holmes